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Our project has officially closed as we were unable to raise the necessary funds during the pre-sale period.

However, we are glad to inform you that all community members have received their funds back in accordance with the below roadmap!


FITY RoadMap

There it is our project roadmap.

Q2 2021

FITY Project is Born

The FITY short team and business plan was in place.

Q4 2021

FITY web and mobile app

First FITY release of the website and mobile application (iOS and Android)

Q1 2022

FITY on blockchain

FITY team is growing,building lightpaper, token economics and new business plan.

Q2 2022

1,000 FITY Investor NFTs | New Mobile app

FITY create the first collection of 1000 NFTs for investors which was sold in 19h.
The new mobile app features - MVP1 release.

Q3 2022

Starting FITY Token Pre-Sale | Calin's Podcast Launch

FITY Token pre-sale sessions 1 to 7.
Calin's podcast "Back to square one".
Launch the CSR campaign "Global Physical Health and Stress Crisis".

Q4 2022

Close token Pre-Sale | Maiar DEX listing

Close all 10 sessions of Pre-Sales.
10,000 FITY Avatar NFTs
Listing the FITY token in Maiar DEX.
Releasing the MVP2 of the new mobile application.

December 2022

Closing the project | Refund process

After the pre-sale sessions, we did not collect the planned amount of funds. As a result, on December 15, 2022, we made the decision not to list the project token and initiated a refund process for the entire community.
On December 26, 2022, we initiated the refund process roadmap for all community members.

5th - 25th of January 2023

TX for P2P trades declaration

The first step in the refund process roadmap was to collect all transactions (TX) for peer-to-peer trades made between community members. This step was crucial to ensure that all tokens were properly registered in the smart contract for each wallet. By doing so, we aimed to facilitate a full refund of 100% of the tokens available in each wallet.

2nd of February - 31st of March 2023

Voting period

The second step involved requesting the community members to vote using the FITY app. This vote was crucial as it enabled each wallet to subscribe to our smart contract, facilitating an automated refund process. With over 1000 wallets owning FITY tokens and NFTs, conducting manual transfers for each individual wallet was impractical.

15th of April 2023 - 31st of May 2023

7 weeks of refund sessions, with a $15,000 USD deposit made each week

The third step involved depositing $15,000 USD each week for the refund process. This approach allowed for a systematic and organized distribution of refunds to the community members and also as limitations imposed by legal and bank transfer perspectives.
The refund sessions were officially closed on May 31 at 21:00 Romanian time (UTC+3).

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