Fitness. Nutrition. Blockchain.

FITY, the first startup to run on fitness and nutrition, reinforced by Elrond blockchain technology.


Become successful

Boost physical and mental health
with FITY

A cryptocurrency mobile application
which reward your effort for building good habits

Blockchain effort reward

Keep good health and get rewarded for Fitness, correct Nutrition and quality Sleep.

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Great looking buddy shape

Physical and Mental well-being it is the definition of Wellness.

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Nutrition Good Habits

Transform every buddy celle!
Get more energy, power and happines!

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Individual or Group

Check out of various fitness, nutrition and sleep metrics to boost your wellbeing.
Track your meals, sport activities and sleep quality and get rewarded.

The solution of Physically & Mental Health Crisis

The solution of Physically & Mental Health Crisis

Enhance your RESILIENCE which is the ability to stay successful, strong, motivated and optimistic even in the face of changes and difficult challenges.

Improve your FITNESS wellness

Improve your FITNESS wellness

Sport activity reduce stress, depression and anxiety. It helps boosting self-confidence, social emotions, time management and discipline and more.

Build good NUTRITION habits

Build good NUTRITION habits

Use FITY meal diary to build good eating habits. Those helps you to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, keeps skin, teeth, and eyes healthy, digestive system function, supports muscles, boosts immunity, lowers risk of some cancers, heart disease, type 2 diabetes and more.

Elrond Blockchain based

Elrond Blockchain based

Gamify FITNESS and NUTRITION by awarding FTY token for health-related activities through fun leaderboards that encourage goal-setting and healthy competition. Choose from a variety of personal or group challenges (Walking, Cycling, Weight-loss, Sleep Quality).


Achieve GOALS
that MATTER most

Use your FITY application with a user friendly interface to track,
manage and earn rewards for your FITNESS activities.


Good NUTRITION habits

It is simple to make small changes. Starting with small steps to change your nutrition routine will give confidence and will have result on long term.

Just start TODAY! Start using FITY application!

Token Sale

FITY Token Pre-Sale

The token of FITY eco-system will be sold
through FITY mobile application, no-matter where your are

Pre-Sale Token Price:

$ 0,005 Pre-Sale first session
$ 0.05 Pre-Sale session 10

Available for Token Sale:


Total Tokens:

21,000,000 FITY



Maiar DEX Listing Price: $ 0,25

Join Pre-Sale by using the new FITY mobile application

Token Sale

All-in-one personal application

First wellness mobile application integrating fitness, nutrition and blockchain.

Your personal application as an extension of your daily routine: sport tracking, meal diary, sleep quality.

Everything in one app to keep you health and motivated with token-based incentives and rewards.

Shape up with FITY app

Playing with FITY unlocks the inner potential to overcome tough situations and achieve goals that matter most – the PERSONAL WELLNESS.

Personal or Corporate Wellness

Health Challenges

Gamification through Blockchain

Decentralized system

Decentralized system

One of the key components of the initial FITY token distribution, is that it is designed to put around 50% of the supply in the investor’s hands. This will allow for a wider token distribution, between increased investor numbers, thus providing a more equitable voting process through the FITY DAO.

Healthy Tokens

Healthy Tokens

The tokenomics will create and mould new scenarios over the years, where we will have a substantial burn wallet, healthy staking rewards wallet and DAO treasury to ensure for long term success, network distribution and exciting new product avenues.

Prediction Markets

Prediction Markets

The budget is thought to last several years. The plan is to have it properly vested to incentive the team and the advisors. In anycase, this will have nothing to do with short term profit. Marketing and Metabonding were also budgeted and will allow us to bring new customers and new investors to the innovative FITY ecosystem.

Our Mission

Our Mission

If our failure or success, as humanity, depended on us, the FITY team, what would we do? … We have started a process of raising awareness and creating a simple solution to the global physically and mental health crisis.


High Level Roadmap

This is a high level roadmap
for the twenty-four months.

Q2 2022

FITY Project is Born

The FITY short team and business plan was in place.

Q4 2022

FITY web and mobile app

First FITY release of the website and mobile application (iOS and Android)

Q1 2022

FITY on blockchain

FITY team is growing,building lightpaper, token economics and new business plan.

Q2 2022

1,000 FITY Investor NFTs | New Mobile app

FITY create the first collection of 1000 NFTs for investors which was sold in 19h.
The new mobile app features - MVP1 release.

Q3 2022

Starting FITY Token Pre-Sale | Calin's Podcast Launch

FITY Token pre-sale sessions 1 to 6.
Calin's podcast "Back to square one".
Launch the CSR campaign "Global Physically and Mental Health Crisis".
Official launch of FITY project - High-end event.

Q4 2022

Close token Pre-Sale | Maiar DEX listing | CSR Gala

Close all 10 sessions of Pre-Sales.
10,000 FITY Avatar NFTs
Listing the FITY token in Maiar DEX.
Releasing the MVP2 of the new mobile application.
Year-end GALA for the companies that are part of the FITY CSR campaign.

Q1 2023

P2E Game | FITY final Whitepaper

Play to earn game
Burn FITY token
Lifecycle Token
App Activity Rewards

Q2 2023

DAO | Well-verse business plan

Start building the Well-verse.


The Team Behind FITY

FITY has assembled a very well prepare
business advisers, developers and marketing specialists team.


Călin Perpelea



Răcășan Marius

Project Manager


Nizar Mhadhbi

Development Manager


Pană Alexandru

Community Manager


Mihai Calmus

Motion Designer


Bianca Tudor

Business Strategist


Simona Fenichiu

Digital Marketing Strategist


Oana Dragomir

Crypto Lawyer


Alexandru Popa

Nutrition Expert


Armando Lungu

Fitness Expert


Appearances in media

And we’re just getting started.


FITY Wellness Mission

Our mission is to offer a solution
to the Global Physically & Mental Health Crisis

Problem statement

OBESITY – More than 1 billion people worldwide are obese – 650 million adults, 340 million adolescents and 39 million children. This number is still increasing because of bad habits. Romania is no 2 in Europe where children are obese. Source: health.gov
BRAIN ILLNESS – Stress, overtime work, and multitasking already created different types of illnesses like depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.
Source: cdc.gov

Why this happend ?

Most of the problems have their root in our daily habits. We are aware of them BUT creating new or changing current habits is uncomfortable and requires a concerted effort and for those reasons, we failed. However, we can be able to remain motivated in our pursuit in order to reach our goals BUT significant results are not seen in the short term and the emotions are overwhelming us and make us quiet.
Source: hbr.org

Our Solutions - FITY app

Support in your personal or group journey to build healthy habits by REWARDING your daily goals:

– Sports Activities
– Nutrition
– Sleep
– Education – Podcasts focused on Nutrition, Sport and Tech

Gamification for health promotion

“In sum, the results from our longitudinal field study suggested that compared with the consumers adopting the fitness app using commensurate game elements, those adopting the fitness app using incommensurate game elements had stronger intrinsic motivation, were more engaged in participation in physical activity, showed higher loyalty towards the fitness app.”
Source: sciencedirect.com

The purpose of Blockchain

– Increase adoption via P2E game
– Earning currency that has real-world value while having fun
– Switch avatar between FITY, GAME, WELLVERSE

Concret actions by FITY

– We launch an awareness campaign as Romania is on the brink of obesity and not only us, this become a pandemic.
– The Hall of Fit(y) , a quarterly ranking of the most active people on the platform who will be awarded.
– Călin and FITY Guests – podcasts with guests from the field of nutrition and sport providing useful information to FITY users
– FITY is looking to build an education campaign regarding nutrition, sport and tech in the workplace. We offer a half-day training for free for employees of multinational companies.
– We launch the FITY Marathon, the biggest marathon for people passionate about health.


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