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FITY Wellness Mission

Our mission is to offer a solution
to the Global Physically & Mental Health Crisis

Problem statement

OBESITY – More than 1 billion people worldwide are obese – 650 million adults, 340 million adolescents and 39 million children. This number is still increasing because of bad habits. Romania is no 2 in Europe where children are obese. Source:
BRAIN ILLNESS – Stress, overtime work, and multitasking already created different types of illnesses like depression, anxiety and sleep disorders.

Why this happend ?

Most of the problems have their root in our daily habits. We are aware of them BUT creating new or changing current habits is uncomfortable and requires a concerted effort and for those reasons, we failed. However, we can be able to remain motivated in our pursuit in order to reach our goals BUT significant results are not seen in the short term and the emotions are overwhelming us and make us quiet.

Our Solutions - FITY app

Support in your personal or group journey to build healthy habits by REWARDING your daily goals:

– Sports Activities
– Nutrition
– Sleep
– Education – Podcasts focused on Nutrition, Sport and Tech

Gamification for health promotion

“In sum, the results from our longitudinal field study suggested that compared with the consumers adopting the fitness app using commensurate game elements, those adopting the fitness app using incommensurate game elements had stronger intrinsic motivation, were more engaged in participation in physical activity, showed higher loyalty towards the fitness app.”

The purpose of Blockchain

– Increase adoption via P2E game
– Earning currency that has real-world value while having fun
– Switch avatar between FITY, GAME, WELLVERSE

Concret actions by FITY

– We launch an awareness campaign as Romania is on the brink of obesity and not only us, this become a pandemic.
– The Hall of Fit(y) , a quarterly ranking of the most active people on the platform who will be awarded.
– Călin and FITY Guests – podcasts with guests from the field of nutrition and sport providing useful information to FITY users
– FITY is looking to build an education campaign regarding nutrition, sport and tech in the workplace. We offer a half-day training for free for employees of multinational companies.
– We launch the FITY Marathon, the biggest marathon for people passionate about health.


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